• Expertise: Manufacturing, leadership, management
  • Location:  Sunderland, UK
  • Languages spoken: English, French
  • DOB: December 1970

Who is Steve Marsh?
Steve Marsh is VP of Manufacturing for NMUK. Based at Nissan's Sunderland plant in the UK, he is responsible for all manufacturing aspects of the plant. Day-to-day he oversees the plant's entire operation, from strategic planning, to liaising with global functions, and coordinating with supply chains and design teams on all elements of Nissan vehicles. However, for Steve, one of the most important elements of his role is ensuring the teams within the manufacturing plant are set up for success.

Career History
Steve has worked at Nissan for over 31 years, starting as an apprentice when he was 16 years-old. He began his current role in September 2018, and firmly believes it's the "best job he's ever had".

Steve has always worked in manufacturing, but Nissan has provided a variety of opportunities – including a college education – along the way. After spending a couple of years in the maintenance team at Nissan's Sunderland plant in the UK, he then moved around NMUK, and learned about various aspects of the business including product operations, engineering and production.

In 2010, Steve began working for the Alliance, moving to South Africa for 2 years. Following this, he spent 3 years in Northern France working with Renault, before moving to Mississippi in the US to work at Nissan's Canton plant. Steve has now come full-circle, returning to NMUK where he started.

Steve's biggest personal achievement since joining Nissan is being able to take on his new role as VP Manufacturing, an opportunity he calls an "honour and a privilege".

Personal Memory
Steve's time at Nissan's Canton plant in Mississippi is a particularly memorable time for him – being able to secure new models at a time when there was uncertainty about its competitiveness was a challenging situation that he and his team overcame together.

Working for Nissan for over 30 years has also allowed Steve the opportunity to travel the world. Something he will always remember, Steve has met so many fantastic people along the way and even learnt French during this time.

Why is Nissan different?
Steve believes Nissan's speed and agility is its biggest strength. From his perspective, the teamwork and determination of the whole organisation enables Nissan to be a success – as a result, there's no problem Nissan can't overcome.

The Alliance is another element that Steve believes set Nissan apart from its competitors. Whilst there are many partnerships and efforts across the industry to democratise technology and collectively further innovation, there are none to the scale or longevity of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, something Steve calls "unparalleled and unique".

Future Predictions
The automotive industry is already going through one of its biggest transformations seen in this sector, but Steve believes that it's only just getting started. To be successful in this climate, businesses will need to be able and willing to adapt to change, particularly over the next 10 years, which will be crucial. With globalisation and new policies being introduced by governments across the globe, technology will continue to improve. We will see more electrification, more connectivity and more autonomy, and Steve believes that Nissan's Intelligent Mobility programme is well placed to be successful in such a landscape.

As part of Steve's apprenticeship with Nissan, he completed a four-and-a-half-year course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as part of Nissan's Engineering School – a collaboration with Wearside College in the UK.

In Steve's Personal Time
Steve likes to spend quality time with his wife and two children in his free time. He also likes to read, listen to music and travel when he can, with New York, Johannesburg and the Great Smoky Mountains in the US some of the favourite places he's been able to visit.

Your current car
Steve currently drives a red Qashqai Tekna.

Your first car
Steve's first car was blue MINI handed down from his older brother.

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